Monocle necklace 

This jewellery can be used as a monocle or a magnifier by using different types of magnifiers or lenses.

Materlials: silver, magnifier glass, snick leather.

monocle necklace



Wedding and engagement rings

These modular designed rings can be used separately or as one piece.

Materials: Silver, zircon.


Wedding in a kibbutz 

A kibbutz is a form of communal living in Israel that combines Socialism and Zionizm. The founders of kibbuts were Russian jews in the beginning of the 20th century.

Traditionally kibbuts were based on agriculture. Modern kibutzim have industrial plants and high tech enterprises.

This project was a cooperation between fashion and jewellery design departments. We were asked to design a wedding dress and jewellery accessories. The design of the dress is based on elements of traditional russian shirts. The hand object is a combination of the Star of David with round brilliant cut shape.

Material: brass




I used lingerie as an inspiration for this project. Covered and invisible most of the time, lingerie

functions both for design of a body and as a decoration. This collection was designed to reveal the

lingerie esthetics. The soft textile with a gentle ornament and texture was enclosed into metal frames

like a corset bones. The first image is a brooch, that can be used for shaping dresses and shirts

with four small brooches.

Materials: silver, lace, transparent robber, pearls.


Roll cake knife

The knife is designed for roll cake serving and dividing it into equal pieces

Materials: brass


My snowball

Growing up in Siberia I got used to a lot of snow. As a child, every winter I played with snowballs and created different sculptures from snow.

When I was 10 years old my family moved to Israel. I got excited by the new for me and exotic nature there, but I still have a nostalgia for white winters with a lot of snow.

I made an object with a snowball shape and took pictures of this object in various locations in Israel. Each snowflake containes my chilhood picture. For me this unmeltable snowball symbolizes fragments of my chilhood memories.

Materials: paper, push pins.


Seek perfection?

Our mind is quite often pre-occupied with thoughts about our visual appearance. This need for being in control on how we look makes us depended on various devices, like the most basic and direct indicator –

a mirror.

Materials: brass, mirror


A wish for a wish

The idea of this wearable object is based on our fears of realization of wishes and mechanisms that we often activate in order to ignore or forget them. As result of these processes we often put ourselves in boundaries which we afraid to break and leave behind.

I have used a well known image of Aladdin’s lamp and presented it as a tempting object which reminds us attractiveness and magnetic beauty of our wishes.

Materials: brass, beads




My precious

These objects/jewellery are inspired by perfume bottles. Can be worn as a necklaces and then kept as a beautiful table objects.

Materials: Brass, sterling silver, enamel, pearls, turquoise, silicon, leather.